cropped-fullsizerender.jpgHi, my name is Behrouz Zand.  I am a gynecologic oncologist, a surgeon, a husband, and a dad. I am a doctor at the University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center with my clinic located in the Houston Bay Area.  I have been a contributing writer for the Houston Chronicle’s Gray Matters.

My blog is mostly about today’s healthcare system and improving our health and well-being.  Although I am a cancer specialist, I realize that what I do mostly (eg, chemotherapy and surgery) can sometimes be a small fraction of what contributes to my patient’s well-being and health.

At the same time, the U.S. healthcare system is also having a “well-being” problem.  There is an increasing number of doctors and nurses reporting burned out. There are the increasing healthcare costs.  There are the increasing “sicker” populations as more people today are living longer and suffering from multiple chronic diseases.  There is the political dysfunction in the government as politicians bitterly fight over how to pay for the healthcare of their people.  This list can go on and on.

I created this blog to explore the big ideas and best evidence on how we can improve two things: 1) Our well-being  2) Our healthcare

The beauty of medicine to me as a profession has always been that it is a hybrid of the arts and sciences.  So I’ll share not only some of the most interesting ideas from the field of medicine,  but also big ideas from other fields such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, literature, and economics.

Lastly, I will aim to write with clarity,  no matter if the subject is theoretical or pragmatic. No matter if you are a physician, engineer, a manager, or a stay at home parent.  One of the pitfalls with academics and intellectuals has been that for all of their brilliance, what they write and communicate is often esoteric.  Therefore many people will never get to appreciate or learn from their work.  And what good is creating great work, if hardly anyone knows about it or uses it?

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I am a gynecologic oncologist, a husband, and a father. My blog is mostly about our healthcare system and well-being, but occasionally I get inspired to write about other "stuff" too.

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